Don’t Make the Election About the Court

I know that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s empty Supreme Court seat has provoked an epic, long-awaited clash between Democrats and Republicans, that the very principle of judicial independence hangs dangerously in the balance. I realize that the social-media wave cannot be stopped, that the talking heads…

Report: Legal Immigration from India Spurs Illegal Migration to U.S.

The growing number of legal and illegal Indian migrants in the United States is encouraging more illegal migration from India’s vast population of 200 million underpaid and underemployed youths, according to an Indian newspaper. 0…

Hong Kong Protesters Detained While Fleeing to Taiwan

China’s Coast Guard said on Wednesday it intercepted a speedboat carrying 12 Hong Kong protesters who were attempting to flee to Taiwan. The passengers were charged with illegally crossing the border and detained in the mainland Guangdong province. 0…

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