Willpower Is Not Going to Be Enough

College students are being invited back onto campus after a summer of isolation and confinement, with strict instructions to stay apart. School officials, pleading with students to treat their new autonomy gingerly, are leaning hard on shame to get compliance. The president of Penn State…

The GoFundMe Economy Was Never Going to Work

Across the country, parents are using Facebook to form “pandemic pods,” hiring tutors or out-of-work teachers to educate their kids as school district after school district announces that it will go partially or fully virtual. Beloved mom-and-pop stores are flooding sites such as GoFundMe to…

What if they had a tech war and nobody cared?

A pacifist meme from the Vietnam protest era asked what would happen if they gave a war and nobody came. The US is conducting a tech war, but equity markets don’t appear to care. Neither did the Chinese currency, which strengthened sharply overnight. Harsher-than-expected US…

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