military spending

Donald Is No Dove

One of Donald Trump’s more remarkable qualities is his ability to convince people to give him credit for things he hasn’t done. He has, for example convinced many Americans that he is an effective businessman, despite his massive inherited wealth and legacy of failure; an…

Delicate balance: serving people vs national dominance

The Sino-American clash has been escalating and some commentators claim the arrival of “Cold War 2.0.” Some scholars argue that this competition will reveal the answer to a fundamental question: political capitalism versus liberalism capitalism. In contrast, some realist experts foresee Thucydides’ trap, where the…

They’re No.14! Iran Claims Dramatic Rise in World Military Power Index

After a giddy 12 months that heralded a rise in domestic speedboat production, the enhanced ability to attack mock wooden aircraft carriers and a failed missile test that resulted in the surprise “martyrdom” of 12 of its own sailors, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani claimed Thursday…

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