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US continues to bully Cuba, puts AIS on ‘black list’

In yet another mean-spirited action by the Trump administration, the United States Department of State has added the Cuban remittance company American International Service (AIS) to its infamous “black list.” The move, which will likely only hurt ordinary Cubans in the long run, declared an…

The Election Is Already Under Way in America’s Courts

Although the election is not technically until November 3, election season is already well under way—most significantly in the dozens of election-litigation cases that are determining how people can vote, whether they can vote, and whether their votes will be counted. In the many cases…

Clarence Page: Trump ‘Has a Tougher on Russia Record Than President Obama’

On Friday’s “McLaughlin Group,” Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page said that while President Donald Trump has made public statements that make people wonder who Trump really considers to be an ally, “He has a tougher on Russia record than President Obama. He 0…

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