“Making America Again”

Today The Atlantic begins publishing the trio of stories that appear together on its October cover. Under the banner “Making America Again,” staff writers Adam Serwer and George Packer, along with the political philosopher Danielle Allen, consider the renewed and growing appetite for radical reform.…

The RNC Is Terrified of Losing Women Voters

President Donald Trump is in trouble with women voters, and the GOP knows it. At the Republican National Convention last night, everyone from Vice President Mike Pence to Trump’s departing counselor, Kellyanne Conway, eagerly pointed out that they were speaking on the 100th anniversary of…

What Kamala Harris Represents for Democratic Women

One by one, Democratic leaders who tried and failed to put a woman in the White House appeared on-screen at the Democratic National Convention last night to crown Kamala Harris as their successor. “I know a thing or two about the slings and arrows coming…

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