U.S. Food and Drug Administration

92 Members of Congress Urge FDA to Remove Abortion Drug from U.S. Market

More than 90 members of Congress have written to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Stephen Hahn, urging him to classify the abortion drug Mifeprex (mifepristone) as a “hazard” or “threat of danger” in order to have it removed from the U.S. market. 0…

The ‘Emergency Use’ Loophole

On Sunday, the Food and Drug Administration issued an “emergency use authorization” for blood plasma to treat COVID-19. The decision was well within the agency’s remit but nevertheless generated instant controversy. President Donald Trump had just attacked the “deep state” at the FDA for holding…

Donald Trump Blames FDA ‘Deep State’ for Coronavirus Vaccine Delay

“The deep state, or whoever, over at the FDA is making it very difficult for drug companies to get people in order to test the vaccines and therapeutics,” Trump wrote on Twitter, specifically calling out FDA administrator Dr. Stephen Hahn. 0…

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