U.S. Navy

Navy Cancels Catholic Masses at Bases, Continues Other Religious Services

The U.S. Navy will end its provision of Catholic Masses at its bases in San Diego, California, over budgetary restraints — ending its contracts with local Catholic priests who lead the services — while continuing to provide other religious services. 0…

China Claims It ‘Expelled’ U.S. Destroyer from South China Sea

Chinese state media on Friday claimed the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) “expelled” an American destroyer, the USS Mustin, from the South China Sea near the Xisha Islands, known in the West as the Paracel Islands. 0…

They’re No.14! Iran Claims Dramatic Rise in World Military Power Index

After a giddy 12 months that heralded a rise in domestic speedboat production, the enhanced ability to attack mock wooden aircraft carriers and a failed missile test that resulted in the surprise “martyrdom” of 12 of its own sailors, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani claimed Thursday…

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